Cuts Women – Cut & Style: $75.00 Men – Cut: $45.00 Color Retouch: $75.00 Extra Color: $20.00 Virgin: $95.00 Highlights Single Foil: $15.00 T-Section: $80.00 Full: $105.00 Conditioners & Reconstruction Gloss: $50.00 Cocktail Treatment: $40.00 Brazilian Blowout: $350.00 Permanents: $100.00 Thermal Relaxn: $800.00 Wedding Styling Styles: Consultation


Brazilian Blowout

The Process The Brazilian Blowout is a keratin-enriched process which makes even the frizziest hair smooth and radiantly shiny. It doesn’t completely straighten your waves and curls, just makes your hair much softer, and you can blow dry it straight in a fraction of the time it used to take. The Brazilian Blowout is the… [Continue Reading]

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